Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

Housing counselors can have a meaningful role in both pre disaster preparedness and assistance in disaster recovery which can provide a new revenue source for agencies.  The FHCN is working to develop a preparedness training program that counseling agencies can use to help critical employees prepare to be fully engaged in their important work during a disaster.

Agencies, working with their local disaster response committees can determine what services they can provide after a disaster.  Most likely services will be working with effected families in understanding their financial options and how to navigate the various support options.

Student Loan Education and Debt Management

Student loan debt is a major national issue.  The FHCN is working to address this issue with both education and debt management programs.  Both will provide new opportunities for agency revenue. 

The education program will be for middle and high school students to help them understand the challenges with student loan debt and provide them with strategies for leaving college with lower or no debt.

On the debt management side the FHCN is working to develop  a program where counseling agencies can assist clients with modifying their payment plans to make the loan payments more manageable given their current financial situation.  A statewide call center will receive client inquiries and refer interested clients for finanacial counseling support.


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