• The FHCN established a Foreclosure Counseling Program (FCP) Action Team, comprised of Flagship Members, that:

    successfully advocated to preserve funds;

    communicated with Florida Housing staff on a regular basis to recommend enhancements to the program and better timeliness on payments; and

    offered practical ideas regarding closeout of the program that were well received.

    • The FHCN continued to convene Peer-to-Peer communication opportunities and idea exchanges.
    • The FHCN has initiated ongoing conversations with financial institutions and local/state governments regarding financial support.
    • The FHCN is developing a Disaster Preparedness and Recovery training program for “critical employees” to prepare to be fully engaged in their work during a disaster. This work includes services working with affected families in understanding their financial options, as well as how to navigate various support options.
    • The FHCN is working on addressing the issue of student loan debt with education and debt management programs. The education program, called Financially Intelligent Teen (F.I.T.), will be for middle and high school students to understand the challenges of student loan debt, as well as provide strategies for leaving college with little to no debt. The Debt Management Program will be a system that starts at a statewide call center, where student loan client inquiries will be received and referred to members of the FHCN (HUD-certified agencies).
    • The FHCN has established partnerships with the Florida Housing Coalition, the Diversified Resource Network, the National Housing Resource Center, and the NCRC and its Florida division, the Community Reinvestment Alliance of South Florida.

    The Florida Housing Counselor Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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