The Florida Housing Counselor Network

Connecting, Supporting, Advocating.

The Florida Housing Counselor Network (FHCN) is the collective voice and advocate for housing counselors and counseling agencies in Florida. We are a social impact (nonprofit) corporation and the first organization dedicated to supporting your needs.

Executive Director Michele Hartson brings solid expertise, experienced leadership, and organizational effectiveness to provide you with practical tools to enhance marketing, fundraising, business lines, and advocacy efforts.

There is power in partnership.

FHCN is a singular voice for its member agencies in regard to working with policy-makers and investors, as well as the advocate for additional support at the state and national level. We convene housing counseling leaders from across the state to evaluate current needs and develop strategies and solutions that can be replicated and celebrated.

Even more than being the premier organization for housing counseling, WE are a movement. Our Flagship members invite you to join us to add YOUR unique energies to this groundswell that is changing the face of housing counseling in our state. Through our membership we are able to support each other in success, and take those successes and replicate them so we can better serve our communities.

What We Provide

  • Proven ideas you can replicate
  • Improved visibility
  • Regional training for members
  • Professional development
  • Statewide coordination of advocacy efforts
  • Research and writing on relevant and current topics

What We Need

  • Sponsors and investors
  • Members who are active and involved

Current Focus

  • Student loan debt
  • Visibility for housing counseling services
  • One Voice advocacy
  • Leveraging resources

The Florida Housing Counselor Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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