There is power in numbers.
As a unified voice we are more credible and impactful.

Cora Fulmore, Co-Founder of Florida Housing Counselor Network.

Florida Housing Counselor Network Regional Meeting
March 1, 2019

8409 N. Military Trail, Suite 111
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33477
561-427-6970; Toll Free: 855-487-3224

10:00 am until 3:00 pm (Lunch and beverages will be provided.)

Topics to include:

  • Practical, in person, advice from people who have passed the HUD Certification
  • Leveraging Resources for Housing Counseling
  • Defining “one voice” for advocacy in 2019 (a discussion that includes next steps)
  • Duplication and sharing of successful housing counseling programs (a report)
  • Gathering success stories by FSU student (a report

To RSVP, please contact Michele Hartson (

For local hotel information, please contact:

Success Stories

St. John's Housing Partnership's success comes from a holistic approach to housing counseling.

R.E.A.C.H. (Real Estate Education and Community Housing) has rehabilitated over 300 homes since 2012 and has helped thousands of Floridians with pre-foreclosure assistance and homebuyer education.

Who is the Network?

We are the collective voice and advocate for housing counselors and counseling agencies in Florida.  We are a social impact (nonprofit) corporation and the first organization dedicated to supporting the needs of housing counselors and agencies in the State of Florida.

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Why Join the Network?

The Florida Housing Counselor Network is a singular voice for its member agencies in regard to working with policymakers and investors as well as the advocate for additional support at the state and national levels. We convene leaders from across the state to evaluate current needs and develop strategies and solutions. Even more than being the premier organization for housing counseling, WE are a movement.

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The Florida Housing Counselor Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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