Florida Housing Counseling Network Becomes a Reality

As of Spring 2013 the Florida Housing Counseling Network became an official not-for-profit corporation in the state of Florida. FHCN is the first organization dedicated to supporting the needs of the housing counseling agencies and counselors in the state.

The main organizers of the organization, Cora Fulmore and Michele Hartson began holding regional meetings to gauge interest in such an organization. The response from the South Florida group in April coupled with the request from the Attorney General for thoughts about how to spend the money Florida will receive from the National Mortgage Settlement called for moving forward with the incorporation.

The formation of the organization was strongly supported by the group that attended the regional meeting that was held in Orlando in mid May. A North Florida regional meeting is scheduled for July 19 in Jacksonville.

There was a meeting of a group of agency representatives in Orlando to talk about guidance for the organization and a steering committee emerged from that meeting. Cora Fulmore of the Mortgage and Credit Center in Winter Garden is part of the organizing group and will serve as the Chair of the Board of Directors. Other board members include Michele Hartson, Bill Wilson, and Jill McReynolds.